TShirt Ideas

I plan to buy a bunch of tshirts online for ~$10

Some for everyday. Some just for Vegas/Bachelor Parties/Club Nights/Parties/etc.

Let me know your favorite NUMBERS

Pay Attention to the Slogan/Title in order to get the joke!

[1] A C D C

[3] Bill Cosby

[5] D. I. Y.

[7] Jim Jefferies- April 18

[9] Kung Fu Fighting

[11] Rick & Morty- Back To the Future

[13] Rick & Morty- Science Fiction

[15] S P O R T S- I Love This Game Dispite Maybe Not Knowing the Rules Or How Long People Play Or How You Win

[17] S P O R T S- I May Not Be Aware Of Whats Happening, Or If More Or Less Points Is Good, But Im Excited!

[19] S P O R T S- Our Guys Sport the Best! Those Other Guys Suck at Sporting

[21] S P O R T S- Our Team & Or Person Is Better Than Your Team & Or Person Everyone Knows That!

[23] S P O R T S- Throw a Homerun During a Power Play Or Get a Hole In One During a Penalty Kick From The3 Point Line!

[25] S P O R T S- Why Buy An Authentic Jersey For$15 With Some Guys Name On It You Dont Even Know & You Dont Even Care!

[27] Anime

[29] Archer- Stop! My Penis Can Only Get So Erect

[31] Archer Rampaaaaaage!!! Suppressing Fire!!!

[33] Ban Stupid People Not Pit Bulls

[35] Cute Bum

[37] Deadpool

[39] Debugging, I Dont Know Where You Are, I Dont Know How You Work, But I Will Find You, & I Will Fix You

[41] Disney Shocker

[43] Drinking1

[45] Drinking2

[47] Drinking3

[49] Flashing

[51] Fuck Trump

[53] Game Of Thrones Tyrion- That's what I do. I drink, and I know things

[55] Game Of Thrones Tyrion2

[57] Groots root05

[59] Hello Titty

[61] Ice Tea Ice Cube

[63] Im Fine

[65] Meeseeks Starwars

[67] Meeseeks Starwars2

[69] Mosquito- My Camping Shirt

[71] Onesie

[73] Onesie2

[75] Religion Together We Can Find a Cure

[77] Richard Dawkins

[79] Rick & Morty Vs Back To the Future

[81] Rogers Place

[83] Rude

[85] Send Noods

[87] Shawn Of the Dead

[89] Shawn Of the Dead2

[91] Shirt Less

[93] Snu Snu- Crushed Pelvises

[95] Snu Snu- Death! By Snu Snu

[97] Snu Snu- the Spirit Is Willing, But the Flesh Is Spongy & Bruised

[99] Snu Snu1- Death!

[101] Snu Snu2- By Snu Snu


[103] Sperm


[105] Spineless


[107] Swallow My Seed


[109] Topless Buttcrack Insiration


[111] Topless Buttcrack Z1


[113] Truffle Shuffle


[115] Uncle2


[117] Uncle3


[119] Uncle4


[121] Uncle5


[123] Uncle6


[125] Uncle7


[127] Vacation


[129] Walking Dead


[131] Walking Dead2


[133] Willy Wonka


[135] Yall Mother Fuckers Need Science


[137] Yall Mother Fuckers Need Science2


[139] Yall Mother Fuckers Need Science3


Other Options:

Rejected Designs

Let me know What I should write about the Buttcrack Topless Ones.

Where to Buy:

VistaPrint ($6. $10 both sides)
TshirtElephant ($24)
Elite Sports (Local) ($15)
Imprint ($12)

Self Printing:

Speedball Screen printing Photo Elumsion. 200ml.