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Install a BulletProof Digital Sign

The Bulletproof Sign System works on most Linux Operating Systems.

We suggest either Raspbian or Ubuntu.

Files are stored locally, but updated from a remote system (as scheduled).

Therefor, all you need to do is run the following code, to get a default screen running.

Next, point it at the server where you store your Playlist + Files, and it will do the rest!

  1. Install your Linux Flavour of Choice:

    To Install Rasbian (Linux) on Raspberry Pi:

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    To Install Ubuntu (Linux) on Rapsberry Pi:

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  2. Run the Script Below, which will:
    • Install Linux Updates
    • Install PHP (The Core Programming Langauge)
    • Install CURL (A PHP Extenstion used to download Files Remotely)
    • Install Zip Utility (For Unzipping Files)
    • Install GEdit (For Editing Code Files--if required)
    • Install Samba (For Remoting into this screen--if required)
    • Download the latest Copy of a Bare-Bones version of Bulletproof signs from AdamWithers.ca (~400KB)
    • Create a Folder: /var/www/bulletProof/
    • Extract the code to: /var/www/bulletProof/
    • Cleanup and Delete the Zip File
    • Set File Permissions for your folders
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  3. Next, open the settings.php File with the following command:
  4. sudo gedit /var/www/bulletProof/settings.php

    and set:
    • Your Remote Playlist Location
    •   Example: http://adamwithers.ca/bulletProof/remote/bulletProofRemote.php
    • Your Remote File Location
    •   Example: http://adamwithers.ca/bulletProof/remote/
  5. Next, open your /etc/php5/apache2/php.ini or /etc/php/7.0/fpm/php.ini File and add the following line (anywhere) to complete your CURL install:

  6. Finally, run your new sign by going in your browser to: http://localhost/

  7. The first time you run your sign, all the remote files will be downloaded locally.

    If your sign ever looses network connectivity, it will just continue with the last valid playlist instructions it received.


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