Bosco Care Instructions

Allergies, Emergency Numbers, etc.

This shouldn't seem like a huge list. Most of it is just for fun, and emergencies. Bosco is a very easy-going dog. And listens to commands from nearly all people he knows :). He has been house-sat in at least 12 different places / people for up to a week.


2 Cups / day (1 cup morning + 1 cup Evening)

If you forget to leave him water, he will gladly drink from the toilet

Random Stuff:

Bosco's Leg:

His left-rear stifle (leg) joint/tenant (patella) come out of alignment in January 2013.

It hasn't happened since February 2013, but in the VERY unlucky event it happens again, he will lie down at an odd time.

If this happens, his expects you to know how to pop it back.

Simply straighten he legs, and gently slide the tendon back into position.

It should be VERY easy, and require VERY little effort.

The quicker you can do this, the shorter the recovery time.

Bosco Vocabulary:

Poop, Pee, Sit, Stay, Come, Cross (the street), Wait, Dance, Spin, Hug (kneel and tap both your shoulders), Paw. Up, Down, Left, Right, Good, bad, No, Ok, Food

Emergency Contacts:

Greg 250-891-3392
Parents Home250-727-9696
Rick (Dad)250-886-0824
Joan (Mom)250-213-7581


Hillside Vetrenary:


Central Victoria Veterinary Hospital

250-475-2495 (24 Hour) (760 Roderick St--Across from the old MayFair lanes)